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Fairtrade Tea Bread (v)

Tasty, low in fat, and easy to make.

Healthy comfort food.

Seafood Curry

Pineapple, seafood and coconut - its the perfect flavour marriage.

Fairtrade Hot Cross Buns (v)

Made with Afghan Fairtrade raisins and so much more yummy than the shop bought hot cross buns.

Amaretti Biscuits  (v)

Easy to make and look super impressive. Gluten free

A great breakfast with thick yoghurt.

Lamb Tagine with mango

and apricots

Lamb spices and dried fruits - treat your tastebuds to North Africa.

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's

Mango Chutney (v)

The intense flavour of the mango makes a great chutney. Spice up your sandwiches!





Fairtrade Granola (v)

Easy to make and delicious for breakfast or for snacking any time !

Lovely, filling comfort food. Made with store cupboard ingredients. Great on camp too.

Apricot and Kernel Bread (v)

Apricot Dahl with Cardamom (v)

Healthy and so delicious!. Comfort food without the guilt.

Apricot Kernel Cake in Orange

Syrup (v)

Spanish and Middle East influenced, gluten free and sumptuously delicious.

Fairtrade Apricot Cake (v)

A winning combination of apricot and cinnamon. Light and tasty.

Jewelled Rice (v)

Perfect with dahl or curry. Very pretty and delicious too.

Simnel Cake (v)

Full of fruity nutty Fairtrade flavour! Make it for this Easter.

Mushroom Macswiney (v)

Deep flavourful mushroom stew. This is an old favourite in Kate's family.

Savoury Biscuits (v)

Endive and whole Apricot Salad (v)

A salad with a retro twist. Combines dried apricot and kernel beautifully.

Very more-ish, highly original! Great to make for a party.

Try out Kate's recipes below!

If you have any recipes which feature TW ingredients, do send them to [email protected] We'll send you a thank you bag of fruit and a snack bar of your choice. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, click on view standard version to see our recipes.

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Dried Mushroom Recipes Cooking with Dried Mushrooms

kate's kitchen

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Fairtrade Dried Fruit Compote (v)

granola-Recipe-Fairtrade-dried-fruit-ingredients-fair-trade-mango-banana-apricot-pineapple-bars-organic-kernels-food Apricot-Kernel-bread-Recipe-Fairtrade-dried-fruit-

Fairtrade Christmas Cake (v)

Full of Fairtrade dried fruits!

Apricot-Cake-Recipe-Fairtrade-dried-fruit-ingredie dried mango

Sticky Mango Chai Cake

Super flavour, and lovely and moist. Great for tea or as a pudding.


Pineapple Crunch Cake (v)

Sweet and sticky, this indulgant raw vegan cake ticks all the boxes.

Pineapple crunch cake